OnAirLogbook { Designed by VK2GJC } $48 per year

Only available to VK hams at this stage. I have designed this software for my own personal use and it has not instuctions. I will offer support via a phone call to get you going. It also has a feedback option for any questions you may wish to put forward. I offer a DEMO trial program before you decide to sign up and use it, as I will not be making major changes to the way it works. OnAirLogbook is based around DXing & Rag Chew QSO's. It is online and has no CAT Control options.


Take a look at MyQSLCard.com it is linked to the OnAirLogbook database and sends an automictic QSL Confirmation to stations that have a valid email address that comes from QRZ.COM. If the contact station doesn't have a valid email address you can direct them to the website so thay can download it themself. Or you can download it for them and send your own personal email with it attched. All you have to do is supply me with the the image to want to use.


I have designed a QSO Map. Displaying your last 100 QSO's. Options have been added for All Bands, DXCC Country or Callsign Search. Each user has their own unique map. Note: Short Path & Long Path details can only be as accurate as the other stations lat & Lon information.


My program can import XML data from QRZ.COM So to use these features and gain the full potential of my program you will need a XML Data Subscription. I have also coded OnAirLogbook to send records to the QRZ.COM logbook option, this is done automatically once you log the QSO.

Export ADIF, CSV + PDF Logbook Records

I have also created some export features for ADIF, CSV + PDF. It has NO IMPORT feature. Talk to me about doing this for you.

CODE Snippets

I have also created code snippets that can be used to display information on your website or QRZ.COM page. Take a look at my page to see where OnAirLogook data appears and how it makes it interesting for other readers.

Contact me if you are interested by email: greg@vk2gjc.com