V8 - Created by VK2GJC



Program Information

OnAirLogbook was designed exclusively for me, VK2GJC to log QSO's with ham radio stations. Recently many of my contacts have expressed an interest in what I am doing and have asked me to let them have a look at my programs to decide if it will work for their needs.

QSL Cards

Another program helping me out with QSL Cards is MyQSLCard.com this program is linked to the OnAirLogbook database and sends an automictic QSL Confirmation with a unique designed card for each band worked.


The QSO Map displayed on the frontend of the OnAirLogbook database displaying the last 100 QSO's. Display options have been added for all bands or DXCC Country.


Code snippets can be used to display information on your QRZ.COM page, take a look at my page to see where OnAirLogook data appears and how it makes it interesting for other readers.


Please note: My ham radio operation is based around DXing and Rag Chew QSO's. I enjoy finding out where I am talking to so location, radio station details rig, antenna and power is something my program does well. I also like making notes and can often work in a small group so seeing all of this and being able to review as required helps me. My program does not control your radio equipment.

Contact me via email and we can talk, I can also add you to the waiting list.