Terms & Conditions

OnAirlogbook is a subscription service and is billed each year on the 1st of July.

You must pre-pay for 12 months. Or pro-rata to the end of the financial year you start.

If you are unable pay by direct depoit there will be a small PayPal fee added.

Payment is due on receipt of Invoice. If your payment is overdue your logbook will be locked.



I am unable to give you any guarantee that my programs will work forever.

Please download and keep a copy of your logbook as a contingency plan.

Keep your password secure, if hacked anyone could gain access.



V9 - Created by VK2GJC



Subscription based on $48 per year or $4 per month pro-rata for the period up to the end of the financial year. If you are unable pay by direct depoit there will be a small PayPal fee added.


On the frontend of my OnAirLogbook I have designed a QSO Map displaying the last 100 QSO's. Display options have been added for All Bands, DXCC Country or Callsign Search.


Several feature of my program import XML data from QRZ.COM so to use these features and gain the full potential of my program you will need a XML Data Subscription. I have also coded OnAirLogbook to send records to the QRZ.COM logbook option.

CODE Snippets

I have also created code snippets that can be used to display information on your QRZ.COM page, take a look at my page to see where OnAirLogook data appears and how it makes it interesting for other readers. These snippets can also be used on your own website.

QSL Cards

MyQSLCard.com is linked to the OnAirLogbook database and sends an automictic QSL Confirmation. You will get one QSL card design included in your subscription. More cards can be designed for each band at extra cost as a once off job.


Contact me if you are interested by email: greg@vk2gjc.com



Terms & Conditions



Please Note

OnAirLogbook is based around,

  • DXing
  • Rag Chew QSO's

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